Karen Mae Lowry grew up in the Greater Philadelphia area and was encouraged from a young age to embrace her creative nature by her parents. While in high school, she discovered an interest in art making. She began studying art at Montgomery County Community College, then transferred, and attended Tyler School of Art, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and Art History. She remains living in Philadelphia, working at the University of Pennsylvania and pursues painting and printmaking in her free time. She creates acrylic paintings and prints that seek to connect the future with human mythology. 
Artist Statment
My work reflects both a deep reverence for the stories of past civilization, as well as a growing concern for the future of the earth under the threat of climate change. I want to explore possible future worlds while using mythological stories as a basis for these worlds. The viewer is challenged to consider their own impact on our environmental systems and how they may affect the future on earth.
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